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How It Works

Heelaway™ uses two forms of therapy to treat foot pain, cold therapy and elastic tension.

Cold Therapy

Inside of the ankle brace there is a gel pack; when cold the ankle brace will relieve inflammation and swelling to the Achilles tendon and ankle joint. The gel cell that comes with Heelaway™ should also be refrigerated.


Our built-in gel pack and removable gel cell (Classic brace only) provide cold therapy to the plantar fascia, arch and heel of the foot.


Elastic Tension

The foot tension strap combats inflammation at the arch and heel in the fascia ligament.


Our footstrap is highly durable and resilient bungee material provides maximum resistance and wear. Our airmesh fabric is breathable and comfortable.


Heelaway outperforms other treatment options

Using Heelaway Effectively

Use our Pain Level Chart that comes with product to determine the appropriate length of time required to wear Heelaway. Individual results will vary, but it is important to remember that while you may feel immediate relieve you will need to wear the brace for at least 7-14 days to experience sustained results.