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The Perfect Pair: Heelaway Sport and BioBlast

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The Perfect Pair: Heelaway Sport and BioBlast

Looking for cooling relief that can be paired with your Heelaway Sport Brace?  Introducing our new bundle pack, which includes: 1 Heelaway Sport Brace  1 BioBlast 6-Hour Pain Relief Gel What makes BioBlast different than other similar products on the market?Our ingredients: Concentrated formula of ingredients contains therapeutic values of organic compounds and herbal NSAIDs that maximize cellular penetration and block pain signals increasing resolution rates.BioBlast does not contain Methyl Salicylate or Oil of Winter- green like many competing pain gels or creams due to high toxicity levels and the potential danger it poses to consumers.Active Ingredient: Menthol - 10%Other Ingredients: Arnica Montana...

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